5 Signs your Hair Isn't Healthy Anymore

How to know if your hair is damaged?

Everywhere we hear about remedies for hair treatments experts recommend for abused or damaged hair, but how to know if we need them?

Here we present 5 irrefutable signs that your hair is showing signs of abuse and need urgent solutions:

1. Texture

If you feel stiff, rough or inexplicably frizzed hair, then this is a sign of damage.

2. Sound

Take a section with your fingers and squash it between thumb and forefinger, if you hear rustling, then it is abused.

3. Knots

The damaged hair tangles frequently and often for no apparent reason. If you suddenly find yourself with a mega knot in the back of the neck - use advocare 10 day cleanse, you have damaged hair, source mesmerenterprizes.com/advocare-10-day-cleanse-reviews.html.

4. Unwanted Volume

If your hair takes too much volume when dry, it means it is very porous, which is a clear sign of abuse.

6 Mistakes your are Doing to your Sex Life

Taking into account the opinion of experts in dating relationships, we share some Lovemaking Tips so you can start Having Great Sex. We offer a few tips to avoid common mistakes when making love:

1. Feeling scared or embarrassed to try new things: Surely, once you or your partner have had an idea to spice up your sex life but are frightened or ashamed what the other might think. It is shown that in 90% of cases, all couples would like to try something new but never get to propose anything discomfort or fear of offending other.

2. Try to convince your partner to make love: If your partner is tired or not in the mood, trying to persuade or convince her to have sex almost never works. You can consider oral sex or caress your love between 9am and 10am. That's the time of the day when testosterone levels are highest.

3. Neglecting foreplay to penetrate before: Many people who are in a relationship (especially men) tend to neglect foreplay to begin to enjoy intercourse sooner, but did you know that foreplay is actually the best ways to enhance and ensure orgasms? Right. If you kiss, caress and touch longer with proextender system, this may make sex more satisfying - malebiologicalclock.com/proextender-system-reviews.html.

High Blood Pressure and Memory Loss Linked by Experts

High blood pressure or medically known as hypertension is one of the most common illnesses in your mid-life. The consequences are immeasurable because other organ functions are affected. But aside from the piling up complications, the ARIC or the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities reported that there may be a link between hypertention and declining memory in affected individuals during mid-life.

The research involves monitoring about 13500 individuals who are diagnosed with hypertension for about 20 years. It involves a multi-cultural group from African-Americans, Caucasians, aging from 45 to 65 years old. The study initially started since 1990 and another test was done after 6 years and the last part was last 2011 and 2013 respectively.

What the results said:

Generally, there was a decreased in the cognitive function after 20 years for the studied individuals, read americanpowerliftevolution.net/d-bal-max-reviews.html. Apart from that, there are also other interesting results which include:

How to Discipline Toddlers in Ways they will Understand

Disciplining a toddler is the phase most parents give up. This is because they cant simply get what you're trying to do and discipline them. The cause and effect is still far from their understanding so time-outs and punishments don't work at all. But worry not, according to a renowned psychologist, Dr. Deborah Ledley, disciplining a toddler is more on setting boundaries, and socializing with your child. There are effective strategies that you can easily do in order to start disciplining your child even at the tender age of 1.

Showing your child how it is done

Toddlers love observing and watch what you are doing. It is best to demonstrate the behavior that you want them to exhibit especially when dealing with other people. For instance, set play dates and show them how to deal with other kids. If they don't like to eat the vegetable puree you made, eat it with them so that they will learn to love eating healthy meals.