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Cominum Cyminum

Cominum Cyminum is an herb the seeds of which are used to make medicines for digestion problems such as colic, bowel spasms, diarrhea, and gas. Cumin proves to be effective in increasing the urine flow to get rid of bloating (as a diuretic). Cominum Cyminum can also start menstruation; and even increase sexual desire (aphrodisiac properties & tai cheng workout), perhaps therefore such supplements used pills. It's not known how Cominum Cyminum might work on the illnesses and conditions for treatment of which people use it.
There is insufficient evidence of Cominum Cyminum for treatment of diarrhea, gas, colic, bowel spasms, menstrual problems, fluid retention, increasing sexual desire. There is a need for more evidence to prove the effectiveness of Cominum Cyminum for these uses.
Cominum Cyminum has been traditional used to reduce inflammation, prevent gas, increase urination, and remove muscle spasms. It is often used to improve digestion, treat diarrhea, jaundice, and flatulence. Cumin powder is taken orally as a poultice and suppository.

Cominum Cyminum is a remedy for many uses. It is used for digestive disorders and as an antiseptic. Its seeds are rich in iron and are help to activate the enzyme secretion from the pancreas. This is important for the absorption of nutrients into the system. Cominum Cyminum also enhances the liver's ability to detoxify the body. Anti-carcinogenic properties of Cominum Cyminum are also well known.
Cominum Cyminum is safe in food amounts and is safe for most adults. The side effects of Cominum Cyminum are not well studied. Still there are certain special precautions and warnings. As there is little known about the use of Cominum Cyminum during pregnancy and breast-feeding its usage should be avoided in this period.
Cominum Cyminum proves to be effective in decreasing blood sugar levels. Some medical workers worry that it can negatively influence blood sugar levels during and after surgery. Cominum Cyminum should not be taken minimum 2 weeks before a surgery.