4 Reasons to Always Choose Organic Milk

Milk is starting to gain a bad rap because certain scientific studies seem to be showing that processed milk consumption can lead to breast, prostate, and testicular cancers. One such study was conducted by Harvard University and showed that conventional milk has dangerously high levels of estrogen compounds. Drinking organic milk has been shown to have major health benefits. Why should you switch to organic milk now from the conventional, processed version?

#1: No Antibiotics Given to Cows

Organic farmers don’t give their cows antibiotics that can get transferred to their milk and passed onto you. Antibiotics given to cows has been shown to increase the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. Another problem with giving cows antibiotics is that cows are put onto hormones that allow them to be milked constantly. To many, this process is abuse to the animals. Because these cows are being milked constantly, they are more susceptible to infection. The hormone that is given is Bovine Growth Hormone and has been linked to breast cancer in women because puberty is triggered earlier now in teenage girls due to drinking conventional milk. The hormones in conventional milk are actually triggering premature puberty in teenage girls! Eighty percent of antibiotics that are purchased in America have been found to be given to dairy cows.


#2: Protect the health of cows

Conventional milk is produced by cows that are given antibiotics and growth hormones and fed a genetically modified (GMO) diet which has been shown to cause permanent damage to their intestines and cause tumor growth. These cows are fed grain instead of grass which causes their stomachs to be very acidic and allows for an overgrowth of disease in the body. When diseases are running rampant, more antibiotics are pumped into their systems. Eventually, their immune systems become so weak that the cows cannot handle the overload in their bodies so ulcers, diarrhea, liver disease, and untimely death occur. By drinking organic milk, you are helping your family and helping the wellbeing of the cows.


#3: Help the environment

GMO crops are depleting the soil faster than the natural environment can replenish it. Common GMO crops are corn and soy that have shallow roots that feed off the surface layers of the topsoil. When cows are fed grass and pastures are laid out instead of GMO fields, the grass has roots up to ten feet deep so nutrients are drawn out of deeper parts of the soil rather than the surface level. Manure from grass fed cows is not bad for the environment and can be environmentally recycled, so to speak. The manure from grain-fed in factories is not easily reabsorbed back into the earth. Case in point, grass fed cows on organic farms produce healthy manure that becomes fertilizer for crops and is great the environment.


#4: Avoid drinking pesticides

This is a big one! Conventional milk cows are fed GMO grain that has been heavily treated with pesticides. Scientific studies have been done that have shown traces of Roundup (a common pesticide used on GMO crops) in the breast milk of lactating females. This has suggested that pesticides on GMO crops eaten by cows are ending up in our food supply and being passed to infants.