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Advantra Z

Advantra Z is an ingredient used in a number of weight loss supplements. Nutretech is the name of the company manufacturing this product. Bitter orange extract is one of the active ingredients in Advantra Z. Cholacol the latter can be found in such weight loss products and Miracle Burn. Unlike products with ephedra, there have been no severe side effects connected with blood pressure noticed with Advantra-Z. However, Advantra-Z offers properties similar to those of ephedra.
Studies have showed effectiveness and safety of Advantra Z. it is claimed to increase the process of burning fat and to facilitate the metabolism. Since every person is unique, it's impossible to claim that Advantra-Z is effective for all people. But it proved to be effective for a lot of obese people, especially when the product is used in combination with a healthy diet and active way of life. It is important to carefully choose weight loss products containing Advantra-Z. Some of them include other substances that may be harmful.

Advantra ZR is the patented name of such an ingredient as Citrus Aurantium, citrus or bitter orange extract. Bitter orange has been proven to boost the body metabolism and is thought to be effective for weight loss and burning fat if combined with a healthy diet and physical exercises. Bitter Orange extract has been used by different cultures to cure different ailments as well. The active ingredient of Advantra-ZR is synephrine which has no negative side effects on the central nervous or cardiovascular systems. Advantra ZR is available in four potencies ranging from 5% to 30% of standardized amounts of synephrine.
The main negative feature of Advantra-ZR is that its manufacturers combine this ingredient with caffeine in weight loss supplements. It is very harmful for the human health, so you should avoid it for the sake of your health.
Some side effects have been reported to products with Advantra Z. The product is not recommended t people with heart problems or high blood pressure. No controlled and standardized tests have been made to prove effectiveness and safety of Advantra Z.