5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Room

There is no place like home, but keep in mind, that is only if you make your home like no other place. Your bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary, and decorating can allow you to explore your creativity as it displays parts of your uniqueness across the inviting walls. The problem is that decorating is super expensive. WRONG! Decorating can be extremely affordable; you just must get creative and look in the right places! In the following, we will provide for you 5 inexpensive ways to decorate your bedroom. Make that bedroom YOUR bedroom, and all for an affordable, if not free, price.

Christmas All Year

Many of you are aware of the whole Urban Outfitters Christmas lights phenomena that took off a few years ago. Yes, they are super cool, but they are ridiculously expensive, costing a whopping $38.00 for a string of lights. This is insane. Christmas lights with a white base, nearly the same thing (they’re just a little bigger), will cost you $6.99 at Target for 21 ft. Here is a little trick my wife and I have done: our lights go along the wall of our little studio, but then we bunched them up and let them hang over our coffee table; creating an illuminating vine. Try it out!

Lights in a Bottle

Now, the lights mentioned above are great because you can use them for this next great inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom. First, find a bottle of your choice, a clear glass bottle is recommended. Then, somewhere along the light line, loosen up some slack in the line, and make it a loop. Insert the loop into the bottle and there you go, another great inexpensive decoration! In fact, it’s kind of free because you are utilizing a decoration you have already utilized for another purpose. It is a two for one! How you incorporate the bottle or bottles into the string of lights is solely up to you.

Keep it Natural

Succulents are a great addition in order to promote good energy in your bedroom, and they are inexpensive to obtain. A little succulent will cost you roughly three dollars, but I recommend going to a succulent nursery where you can get the plants for free. Succulents are great for numerous reasons: They do not require much attention, and they can grow in just about anything. Two years ago, I put a little succulent in a conk shell, and small shell to add. That little trooper is still growing tough! Succulents require almost nothing, and some of them do not even ask for dirt, giving them the name “air plants.”

Junk to Jazzy

Check out this inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom, for it is pretty much free, depending on how you go about it. Track down as many bottle caps as you can. Find a good, flat base of some kind, preferably some scrap wood, and super glue the bottle caps to the wood in whatever design you please! This one fervidly exercises artistic ability, is fun, and can turn out to be a unique, aesthetic, and inexpensive decoration.

Wax Things Up

This last inexpensive way to decorate your room is by far my favorite. However, take caution when doing this! By one multi-colored drip candlestick, you can order one for $1.50 at 100candles.com. On the outside, they are white, but on the inside they flourish with a beautiful array of different colors, allowing a spectrum of colored drops to run off the burning flame. Then, find a glass bottle, whichever you chose, but preferably a wine bottle; it adds to the effect, especially a dark colored one. Place the candle in the mouthpiece, and light it. Remember, you do not want a multi-colored mess, so make sure that the bottle is on top of something that is, a) not flammable, and b) an object, such as an old plate, that you do not mind getting waxy. Monitor the burning candle to avoid a fiery disaster, and before you know it, you will have a dazzling, multi-colored bottle!

The sky is the limit when it comes to inexpensive ways to decorate your room, so do not think these 5 are merely the only ways to approach the necessary task of decoration. However, they are very inexpensive and provide a unique display that best represents you! Put some personality in your bedroom, and try out these 5 inexpensive ways to go about decorating!