5 Plant Ideas to Brighten Up Your Garden

So you’re a gardener, or you’re starting out as one, and you need some ideas to spruce up your garden. You’re in the right place because below, you can find five ideas that will brighten up your garden and make it more unique.

1.    Vertical Garden
The first thing you can do to spruce up your garden is to create a vertical garden. You can do this with a wall or a garden; either way, this form of gardening saves you space so you can have even more plants in a more condensed space. It’s a wonderful idea if you’re working with a smaller backyard, or even if you want to build an indoor garden. You will, however, need to make sure your plants get enough sun because they can easily become shaded by other plants. One design tip is to build a fence around your existing garden and then create a vertical garden that runs up the side of the fence, vertically.

2.    Turn Your Old Garden Hose Into a Pot
This may seem a bit strange, but it makes for wonderful results. Essentially, you take a garden hose and twirl it around in a circle. With every layer, you need to tie it up with zip-ties and eventually, the layers add up into a new and unique pot for your plants. It saves you the money of buying pots and you have the opportunity to recycle any old hoses you have rather than throw them out!

3.    Decorate Your Cement Planters
This can be really interesting if you do it properly. You can, for example, create a geometric design and paint part of your planter gold. This creates a lovely contrast between the cement and the gold paint. You’ll need painter’s tape, DecoArt paint, and foam brushes. You apply the tape, paint where you want the gold to be, and peel the tape off. It’s as simple as that and you have a lovely planter for your gardening needs!

4.    Use Teapots
Now this can be an incredible idea. If you have teapots that are laying around and you need to find a use for them, you should consider using them for your garden. This gives your garden a unique look and decorates your backyard at the same time! You can place these plants on vertical shelves to create a vertical garden, or you can just lay them around your backyard.

5.    Use Watering Cans
Similar to the aforementioned teapots, you can use watering cans as planters. This gives your garden a country feel. They look better than normal plastic cans and they also don’t look as cheap.

Everyone’s garden should feel like their own. There are so many ways you can reflect your own personality and needs onto the garden you care for, from painter your planters to using teapots and gardening hoses.