5 Simple Tricks To Make Your House Feel More Homely

It’s always nice to go on holiday and even the fresh feel of a new house when you have just moved in, but it doesn’t make it feel homely. There are 5 tricks to make your house feel more homely without needing major renovation or thousands in the bank to improve the homely feel.


Rug Appeal

Wooden flooring is in right now, it’s easy to clean and maintain and there is less chance of it getting damaged than carpet especially in high traffic areas. You can have the benefit of easy to clean flooring without having to tear it up and lay carpet. Using layers is the best way to do this on a budget. Rugs come in all kinds of textures shapes and colours and can make cold house that feels clinical or business like into a home by adding one to your floor. It can add dimension and in the bedroom you can place it at the end of your bed or side to make it feel more like a home than a hotel without personalisation.


Shelf Styling

When you travel, have birthdays and even obtain little trinkets you have picked up over the years it’s good to be able to showcase them. Although you don’t want clutter, to make your house your home you have to add some of you in there whether it’s to add memento’s picked up from trips, ornaments or even books you can style your shelves so that they appeal to you. Using a colour or theme can personalise your room even further.


Little things make a big difference

Candles have come a long way since the plain ones you will find in many churches. They now come in different jars, bowls, shapes and sizes. This makes them great for ornamental purposes and if you opt for the scented type you can even add your style on the aroma of your home. Plants are also great for making a house feel homely. If you are not green fingered, fake it. There are so many great fake plants that no one would be able to tell are not real unless they got up close and personal. Having plants brings nature into the house and if lighting is limited using them with candles can give you extra lighting and a boost of energy.


Accessorise your furniture

No matter how plain your room is you can make it more of a home by adding cushions and even throws. The great thing about accessories is that they are cheap enough to replace when you want to change the colour scheme. They are also an excellent option for people that are renting and not allowed to paint or paper the walls to add a touch of them to their home. Try to keep duvets and curtains plain and express yourself through throws and pillows instead.


Time to use your artistic flair

You may not be able to paint but you can take photographs and more than likely already have a lot that could be displayed. If you are not artistic then opt for ready-made frames and have your favourites blown up so that you have pictures of your favourite times to keep you smiling. It makes your home feel like a place you want to spend time in and is more welcoming. It’s also a great talking piece to have photographs and paintings when new people visit.