5 Snack Foods to Stay Away From

We all snack from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that. However, reaching for snacks that are loaded with sugar or fat is not doing your body any favors. You may know some foods that are unhealthy for you but you may not know just how bad your favorite snack foods are. Let’s take a look at five of the major culprits of snacks foods to stay away from when reaching for something to satisfy until dinner.

#1: Doughnuts

If you are anything like me, when you drive by Krispy Kreme and that sign comes on for fresh donuts you can’t help but want one. Maybe you are thinking that having one every once in a while is not a big deal but take into account that each donut is two hundred calories and twenty-two grams of carbs. This is just a horrible snack overall that is bleached white flour and a ton of sugar.

#2: French Fries

I love French fries as much as the next person but these do not qualify as a serving of vegetables, sorry! Fried foods are never a good idea for any of us. A serving of French fries will set you back three hundred forty-two calories with a metric ton of sodium. Sodium is required in our diet but the amount of sodium in French fries is more than enough for one entire day. With that many calories, you may as well be eating a meal.

#3: Pork Skins

So I live in the South and anything pork and fried (Pork rinds, anyone?) gets everyone salivating. I was told recently by a friend that he eats these because they are high in protein at fifty-eight grams, which is laughable because the fat content is through the roof at thirty-two grams. We would recommend trying beef jerky if you are looking for a protein alternative.

#4: Ice Cream

Anything with milk in it usually has a lot of fat and is high in calories. Add candy or any kind of sauce into the ice cream and the fat and calories just goes up higher. A half a cup of ice cream is one serving and ranks about three hundred eighty calories with twenty-six grams of fat and twenty-nine grams of carbs. A better alternative is to eat frozen yogurt. Or you could try a fruit juice pop but be aware of the added sugar that is put into many juice pops.

#5: Potato Chips

Weighing in at around five hundred and thirty calories per serving, this “snack” will definitely knock you off track for your calorie count for the day. If you are craving something salty look for low-calorie pretzels or something similar. Potato chips are chock full of fat, sodium, and empty calories. Add frying to the scheme and you may as well just give up.

Fatty and sugar laden foods taste amazing but they are terrible for your waistline! We would recommend that if you choose to indulge, then to do so moderately and be prepared to add some time to your workout routine for the day.