5 Ways to Improve Your Summer Garden

There are many measures which you can take in order to improve your summer garden but sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start. In this article, you can find five ways to improve your garden, from the easy solutions to the harder ones.
1.    Lift Your Plants
This isn’t to say that you should take your plants out of the ground; instead, remove some of the lower branches of the various plants and trees in your garden in order to make the whole thing look a lot cleaner. By doing so, you’re also allowing more air to circulate around your garden and you can plant under the removed branches. Make sure, though, that you leave clean cuts; if not, the plant may look like a mess.

2.    Get Rid of Old Plants
For many people, their plants are pretty much their children so it’s hard to throw away the ones that are either dead or the ones that aren’t fully growing. If you get rid of these plants, though, you have the opportunity to plant brand new ones and have an even nicer garden.

3.    Add Some Evergreens
Winter is a good time to reevaluate the design of your garden. You can add some shrubs, trees, and trees to add life to your yard. You can do so by either hiring a gardening designer or by going through the whole process yourself; no matter what, adding some evergreens is a great addition to any garden. You can also add some dwarf conifers, which makes your garden look better in summer and winter.

4.    Mulch Your Garden
If you want to maintain the health of your plants, mulching your garden is absolutely necessary. You should add about two to three inches of mulch around your plants in because it helps in retaining moisture, prevent pests from invading your garden, and prevent the erosion of soil.

5.    Pruning
Pruning is a lot like lifting your plants, given that you’re removing parts of it. Unlike lifting, pruning removes dead foliage, branches, and parts of the plant, veggie, etc. that are not beneficial to the plant’s health. This process is time-consuming, though, so you should be aware that you’ll spend a lot of time in your garden if you plan on doing this. To remove growth buds, you should use a pinching method so that your plant can concentrate on growing the remaining buds; thereby, making them larger.

A garden takes a lot of time and effort. It’s understandable that after a while, you need to take a few extra measures to make your garden more attractive and to spruce it up in general. Above, you have five examples, from lifting your plants to pruning them, of ways in which you can improve the quality and look of your garden.