Sugary Donut

5 Snack Foods to Stay Away From

We all snack from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that. However, reaching for snacks that are loaded with sugar or fat is not doing your body any favors. You may know some foods that are unhealthy for you but you may not know just how bad your favorite snack foods are. Let’s take a look at five of the major culprits of snacks foods to stay away from when reaching for something to satisfy until dinner. Read More

New Kitchen

5 Easy Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home

If you are looking at selling your home then you will, of course, want to get as much for it as possible. Although there are things that you can do to increase value considerably many of them take a lot of time and of course money, but for a faster sale, better appeal to house hunters and without breaking the bank here are 5 ease ways to improve the value of your home. Read More

DIY Lightbulb Removal

Broken Lightbulbs Are No Fun…Or Are They?

Probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to us is when a lightbulb breaks while it is in the socket. I know all of you have experienced this. A broken lightbulb itself can be a huge, glassy mess, but when it breaks inside the socket, it gets interesting, and not in a good way. DO NOT try to remove the lightbulb with your bare hands, because that can end disastrously. A cut finger, or even worse, electrocution can result in trying to replace a broken light bulb. However, I have got some easy and safe ways to replace that broken lightbulb that will surely make you never dread the pestering task again. In fact, after learning these, you may even look forward to changing that broken lightbulb. Check these out!Read More

Storage Shelves

How to add extra storage around your staircase

One of the biggest complaints people have no matter how big their home may be is storage. Over the years we collect numerous things that we just can’t part with and eventually they feel like they are taking over the place. You don’t have to sell your favourite things to regain space or sell up and move. You can instead use the extra storage around your staircase that you probably don’t even think about using. Read More

Dairy Cow

4 Reasons to Always Choose Organic Milk

Milk is starting to gain a bad rap because certain scientific studies seem to be showing that processed milk consumption can lead to breast, prostate, and testicular cancers. One such study was conducted by Harvard University and showed that conventional milk has dangerously high levels of estrogen compounds. Drinking organic milk has been shown to have major health benefits. Why should you switch to organic milk now from the conventional, processed version?

Read More

Candles in the Bedroom

5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Room

There is no place like home, but keep in mind, that is only if you make your home like no other place. Your bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary, and decorating can allow you to explore your creativity as it displays parts of your uniqueness across the inviting walls. The problem is that decorating is super expensive. WRONG! Decorating can be extremely affordable; you just must get creative and look in the right places! In the following, we will provide for you 5 inexpensive ways to decorate your bedroom. Make that bedroom YOUR bedroom, and all for an affordable, if not free, price.Read More