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Foetal Surveillance - Demand Of the Day

Motherhood is fulfillment of life for every women. It gives her self satisfaction, self esteem and tremendous joy. But all women are not equally lucky. Women face risk of death with every pregnancy. In these days of small family norm one prenatal death of a wanted baby is a big price to pay. Mother has to face one more risk of death. If we look at world scenario advanced countries have reached results surprisingly low - PNMR 1-2 / 1000 live births. Developing countries like ours face 60/1000 live births, as prenatal mortality rate. We are behind developed world. 60 / 1000 was the rate in U.S.A. in 1960, when they utilised Routine clinical care for MCH services. Ten years later they started using Ultrasound for Foetal Monitoring - Detection of Growth and Development of foetus. They could reduce mortality rates ton 20 / 1000; and with biophysical scoring to detect foetal well being the rates fell to 1.2-2/1000 .

We in our Country do have ultrasound for more than 20 years. How much is it used for foetal evaluation ? - practically not at all. Sporadic evaluation of the foetal weight and maturity or presence or absence of pregnancy is seen. Hardly there is a case where serial sonography is done. This is in general. Few individuals or in Institutions may be using ultrasound for Antepartum Monitoring.

We still have to overcome protracted obstructed labours, haemorrhagic complications of pregnancy and infections. In addition we also should be able to treat congenital anomalies compatible with life. This, will be reached with proper utilisation of our clinical efficiency which we should not under estimate.