Broken Lightbulbs Are No Fun…Or Are They?

Probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to us is when a lightbulb breaks while it is in the socket. I know all of you have experienced this. A broken lightbulb itself can be a huge, glassy mess, but when it breaks inside the socket, it gets interesting, and not in a good way. DO NOT try to remove the lightbulb with your bare hands, because that can end disastrously. A cut finger, or even worse, electrocution can result in trying to replace a broken light bulb. However, I have got some easy and safe ways to replace that broken lightbulb that will surely make you never dread the pestering task again. In fact, after learning these, you may even look forward to changing that broken lightbulb. Check these out!

A Quick Safety Reminder!
Before you attempt ANY of these awesome strategies when removing a broken lightbulb, some precautionary measures needed to be taken first. If the broken bulb is stuck in a lamp, UNPLUG the lamp from the wall. Even if the light is turned off, it is not worth the risk! If, however, the broken light bulb is stuck in a ceiling socket, then for safety, turn off the light AND find your breaker box. You will need to switch off the breaker for that part of your home. Getting electrocuted is not fun, and can be fatal. BE SAFE!

4 Safe and Easy Ways to change a Lightbulb

1.    The Old Pliers: After you have taken the proper safety measures, you will need any type of pliers, but needle nose pliers will prove the most effective. Ready for the easy part? Take your pliers, clamp the metal base of the broken bulb, and carefully (be conscious of glass!) unscrew the base.

2.    The Old Potato Trick: Let us say that you do not have a pair of pliers. Well, you might not believe this next one, but it works like a charm. Again, make sure you have taken all safety precautions. Then, slice the potato in half. Take your half, and very gently and carefully push it into the broken bulb. Once you have got the broken bulb submerged in the potato, then lightly unscrew it free from its socket prison. The broken light bulb will screw off like butter!

3.    Burning Bottles: This next one is a fun one, however, this method is NOT to be done unless you feel comfortable doing it. Nonetheless, it proves very efficient. Let us say you do not have pliers or a potato, or maybe you just do not want to waste any of your precious potatoes. I hate wasting food, so this trick is my go-to if I have no pliers. You will need a lighter and an empty plastic bottle; one with the standard mouthpiece. Light the open end of the bottle, again DO NOT do this if it is out of your comfort zone and wait for it to get hot, as it will begin to melt. Carefully insert the slightly melted bottle into the broken lightbulb base, let the bottle cool and dry inside, then twist it out. Wala! No more broken lightbulb!

4.     Putty It Out: This last one is far-fetched, for you will need bonding putty. With caution, fill the broken bulb with putty, insert a screwdriver in the putty while it is wet, allow the putty to dry, and watch the broken bulb twist off with ease!

These 4 ways to unscrew a broken lightbulb are very effective, but if you find yourself breaking lightbulbs while they are in the socket often, then I suggest you invest in a broken bulb extractor. This little handy tool will cost no more than ten dollars at your local hardware store, and will allow you to avoid using putty, potatoes, or melting bottles. With these five options, a broken light bulb should never be a problem again!