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DIY Lightbulb Removal

Broken Lightbulbs Are No Fun…Or Are They?

Probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to us is when a lightbulb breaks while it is in the socket. I know all of you have experienced this. A broken lightbulb itself can be a huge, glassy mess, but when it breaks inside the socket, it gets interesting, and not in a good way. DO NOT try to remove the lightbulb with your bare hands, because that can end disastrously. A cut finger, or even worse, electrocution can result in trying to replace a broken light bulb. However, I have got some easy and safe ways to replace that broken lightbulb that will surely make you never dread the pestering task again. In fact, after learning these, you may even look forward to changing that broken lightbulb. Check these out!Read More

Candles in the Bedroom

5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Room

There is no place like home, but keep in mind, that is only if you make your home like no other place. Your bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary, and decorating can allow you to explore your creativity as it displays parts of your uniqueness across the inviting walls. The problem is that decorating is super expensive. WRONG! Decorating can be extremely affordable; you just must get creative and look in the right places! In the following, we will provide for you 5 inexpensive ways to decorate your bedroom. Make that bedroom YOUR bedroom, and all for an affordable, if not free, price.Read More

Child at Play

Quick and Easy DIY Projects to Keep The Kids Entertained

How your kids go about play is crucial to their development and growth as human beings. The way a child plays, whether it be games or with friends, is their first way of exploring communication. Studies have shown that the way in which children play will have a large impact on how they connect with their environment, a skill they will direly need to stay afloat in the rough waters of adulthood.Read More