How to add extra storage around your staircase

One of the biggest complaints people have no matter how big their home may be is storage. Over the years we collect numerous things that we just can’t part with and eventually they feel like they are taking over the place. You don’t have to sell your favourite things to regain space or sell up and move. You can instead use the extra storage around your staircase that you probably don’t even think about using.

If you like to read but prefer not to have shelves of books in your living room then a built in bookcase can be made bespoke so that it is able to contour the shape of the space underneath the staircase. You could store your DVD’s or CD’s instead if you have a good collection or shelves for your favourite ornaments turning the dumping ground under the stairs into something meaningful. Before getting shelves installed, you should ensure that you first measure your biggest book (or those you intend to buy) to ensure they will fit comfortably.

Utilize the stair landing
The landings and nooks around the staircase have lots of space where you could start a home office. You could take the computer from your bedroom or living room giving you extra space yet still have a little hideaway for work, games and catching up with what’s going on around the world. There are many clever office gadgets and even desks that can fold up and away when not in use, but pulled out in seconds when needed if you want to get the kids out of the living room to do their homework or play games.
Extra storage for bits and bobs
Getting drawers custom made to fit the unused wall is a great way to have a solution for your bits and bobs without having to take up space in one of your rooms. The recess under the stairs is a perfect place to have a custom made drawer or big shelves with fancy boxes that add appeal to you and visitors but also serve as a functional decoration. There are so many different designs around that no matter what type of home you live in you can be sure to find something to suit your tastes and needs.
Extra seating
If like many you want a little haven to relax in the space under the stairs can be turned into an alcove with suitable seating for you to disappear to when you just want some alone time. maybe you wish you had somewhere to talk to friends and family without the television or washing machine disturbing your phone calls? The space under the stairs is perfect for this and you can even add shelving so that you can showcase your candles, ornaments and other things you hold close to your heart.
Because of the headroom in most alcoves under the stairs you can add an annex to a wall nearby for storage. Whether shelves, a bookcase or just a fresh space to show off your artwork you can be sure to have somewhere to show your talents whether photographs or something you really enjoy collecting.