New Years Resolutions

5 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year right before New Year’s Eve, we all set the best intentions and great New Year’s Resolutions that will surely change our lives if only we can stick to them. However, science has shown that only eight percent of us actually follow through on our resolutions each year, which leave the other ninety-two percent of us feeling frustrated and down on ourselves. How can you be one the select few that succeed in achieving your resolutions this year? Read More

Child at Play

Quick and Easy DIY Projects to Keep The Kids Entertained

How your kids go about play is crucial to their development and growth as human beings. The way a child plays, whether it be games or with friends, is their first way of exploring communication. Studies have shown that the way in which children play will have a large impact on how they connect with their environment, a skill they will direly need to stay afloat in the rough waters of adulthood.Read More