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GO GO GREEN GARDEN was started by me, a girl-on-the-go in Seattle who loves to garden. Without a backyard of my own I was approached by a busy city couple asking me to keep an organic vegetable garden. That was three years ago.

Now, with several gardens in full bloom, and a trunk-full of seeds, shovels and trellis, I'm the go go green gardener.

I can help you grow beautiful and tasty vegetables to have fresh all season (all year even!) long.  You'd be surprised with how little space you need. Take local food to a whole new level when it's grown in your own backyard.  With rare and flavorful herbs, heirloom beans and fruity tomatoes in your garden, you can feed your belly, just by walking out your back door.

With a focus on regional and native foods, crop rotation to replenish all the good nutrients in your soil and healthy eco-friendly eating, GO GO GREEN GARDEN is one of life's little luxuries. 

Home grown goodness awaits.