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Sometimes, when I'm avoiding real work by cruising around on the internet, I find the coolest stuff. Here is a list of FANTASTIC food or gardening sites.  They're a must.

GaGa Gardening - Ok, Michelle Meyer is one of the most brilliant plant-people I know.  She is my resource for all things design, berry-licious and more.  Michelle and I work together on as many projects as we can, and I can't say enough nice things about here.  Where my knowledge of perrenials drops off, hers picks up.  She is a master plant identifier & more.

Edible Seattle - a MUST for anyone interested in local food. Sure, I write for them, but I have long been a fan. Good to note, also, that Edible's are in cities across the country

Foodista - the online cooking encyclopedia anyone can edit!  Brilliant.

King County Native Plant Guide - This site makes me feel good about paying tax dollars to fund King County projects relating to nature. It's bomb. Why would you plant some weird evergreen bush-hedge-thing, when you could be planting huckleberries??

Canning Information - Let's face it. Canning scares people - alot. And while that whole botulism thing is a bit daunting, this site has great information if you poke around long enough. Me? I'm tired of all the conflicting information AND I don't want to load up my jams and preserves with sugar or some weird pectin product. can either do your homework on this website, or stayed tuned, as I've been toying with technique and recipes a few years now and I've got it pretty well nailed down.

Fat of the Land ~ I would totally marry Langdon Cook in a heartbeat if he wasn't already happily married to a brilliant poet. His blog is a constant resource and reminder of all the wonderful things that nature puts up for us to eat. Wanna cut down on your food costs? Eat for free - learn how here.