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Spring is such an exciting time for gardeners everywhere.  Seeds go in the ground, buds start opening on trees.   Scallions, carrots, radishes, chards, sweet peas and a gaggle of flowers can be planted.  We can also put in broccoli, beets and cabbages, although it's still a bit cold, so they'll need a cloche. (which is basically a small green house)  Rhubarb comes up in Spring, too - great not only in pies, but as a pickle and in savory jams.


Summer means tomatoes, lettuces and basil.   Summer means everything can go in and everything grows up.  I love salad mixes and have a ga-zillion varieties of greens - loose leaf and lettuce heads.  Some spicy, some sweet.  Some for summer heat, some for cool shade.  My favorite summer foods are herbs, soup beans and lettuces, by far.  We can also put in cucumbers, zucchini and shelling peas during this season.  It's a great time to think about putting in a little something extra for canning.


Kales, Collards and Chard.......oh my!   Fall is a mad harvest, getting the last of the tomatoes and turning the green ones into savory jam.  Onions, garlic and shallot go in the ground each fall.  It's such a pleasure to see something green sprouting up in the chill of winter.  Cover crops get planted in fall, as well, ensuring nutrient-dense soil for next spring.


Overwintering a garden can work!  Last year I overwintered three or four types of lettuce, an arugula variety (which we cut and ate in mid-January), shallots and garlic.  Winter is also a great time to relax and drink coffee whilst looking over seed catalogs for next year.