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There is nothing better than getting dinner ready on a hot summer evening and running out back for your salad fixins'. How nice would it be to remove the necessity of driving to the store and paying $4.99/lb for baby salad greens?

Homegrown offerings.

  1. Garden Planning - we can chose the spot and evaluate soil conditions.  We can build a raised bed, or plant directly into the ground.
  2. Planting - chose from my diverse selection of organic seed and seed catalogs.
  3. Growing - growing veggies does take a bit of personal care, by me or you.
  4. Harvesting - I can pick your veggies and have a basket at your door or show you how to harvest on your own.
  5. Cooking - need some culinary inspiration?  No problem.  Recipes can be included.  Cooking can be taught.
  6. Preserving- some veggies are planted for their storage life. Beans will be dried and fruits preserved.  By me, for you.

Backyard gardens are works in progress and can offer you and your family food for the table for years to come.  Thanks to our fairly mild winters, it's possible to keep a garden year round, too!  With proper planning, you can nourish your soil and your hearts with a plentiful garden full of tasty greens.  Use it as a learning tool for your kids.  Use it as a way to bring your family together at the table.  You, too, can have your very own farmers market each week - right in your own backyard.

Homegrown goodness awaits.